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Gwyneth Paltrow Golden Globes Dress became the most dress talking about in this week. The Golden Globes is meant to be fun. It’s famously the loosest show of awards season’s back nine. There’s an open bar available even before dinner is served. Television mingles with film, those once sacrosanct lines crossed over and once again . If the celebs are getting to get loose, in clothes or in life, this is often the place to try to to so.

Though rarely do they take big swings sartorially. It makes sense! It’s an enormous night, on television, and during a room filled with beautiful people that wouldn’t want to only fit in? Playing it safe can work, though it can bring , say, a parade of lovely black-and-white numbers one after another. But every so often somebody accepts the challenge.

And this year it had been grand dames of the carpet, that exclusive club of girls who have had decades of experience on these high-stakes stages. They chose their moment to travel big. Like Jennifer Lopez’s Valentino dress, which she’s wearing in her capacity of nominee (actress during a supporting role during a movie for her brilliant portrayal of Ramona in Hustlers). Unwrap the big bow and therein is that the gift of a risk well-taken.

Or Gwyneth Paltrow, The Politician star and producer wore a humble brag in dress form—a see-through Fendi dress that put her whole figure on display and shows off an identical frilly undergarment that i feel I legally need to call drawers.

Gallery Gwyneth Paltrow Golden Globes Dress Style and Others

And then there’s Cate Blanchett (nominated for actress during a musical or comedy for Where’d You Go, Bernadette), whose harness bralette is functioning in tandem with a pleated butterfly sleeve to boggle the mind and delight the senses.

So the 2020s have began with something borrowed: the type of early aughts embrace of weird and therefore the wild proportions. The textures con . the material that might be scandalous if it wasn’t so angelic. These women have each seen more feet of red carpet than nearly anyone else out there tonight. From their position on high, they will afford to require risks and thank goodness they are doing . this stuff are always more fun when someone does.


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